Clear Quartz Gua Sha - Wylde Jean


This little baby has been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine and really packs a punch. Not only can it be used for a facial massage or to help skincare products penetrate into the skin, it can also help to relieve neck stiffness and tension. A real all-rounder!!

Clear Quartz is a powerful healing stone that stimulates the immune system and can help bring the body into balance.

Directions: Your face is precious baby girl so massage gently to avoid any bruising. Use the grooves of the Gua Sha to massage around the contours of the face and the longer edges of the Gua Sha to massage any other areas. If using on the neck to relieve tension and stiffness apply slightly more pressure.

Note: Our Clear Quartz Gua Sha should be handled with care. Dropping it can cause it to crack, break or become damaged. Due to its natural nature no two pieces are the same and may contain small imperfections in the stone. When using with skincare products clean the Gua Sha carefully with mild soap and warm water


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