La Cite Noir | In a world where the bold lead and the rest follow, the La Cite Noir stands as a fortress of individuality and unyielding style. Limited to a mere 100 individually numbered pieces, this style is for those who command presence, who walk with an air of confidence that is both seen and felt.

The frames present a bold, minimalist facade; they are a citadel of self-expression, a distant slice of reality that stands apart from the commonplace. They serve not just as sunglasses but as a selective barrier, an island amidst a sea of conformity, offering sanctuary to the wearer. The La Cite Noir is an architect's dream rendered in wearable form, with clean lines and a robust structure that eschews the unnecessary and embraces the essential.


CR39 lens
Rock Hard coating
Anti-reflective coating
VX lens etch detail

Hard density Cellulose Acetate
24K Gold plated Beta Titanium, corrugated wire core
Laser etched inner temple texture
Custom VX signature inlaid temple tips
Custom Vieux signature arm insert
Laser etched frame number
Custom ink-filled arm detail

Premium 7 barrel COMOTEC Italian engineered hinges
Custom VX capped hinge detail

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